Credo: Glory and Kingdom

I’ve been reviewing some of my previous thoughts on vision and ministry today.

I believe we are called to glorify God and establish the Kingdom of God; this affirms our vision in Christian faith.

By way of living the vision, I can’t help but wonder if…

God is glorified; and,

the Kingdom of God is established

where all the people of God, being the ministering Church universal,

faithfully live out their Kingdom Vision,

singularly and corporately,

in the discipleship vocation, process and tasks of

enabling authentic, open, affirming and collaborative worship;

supporting people throughout their faith-journey as a united,

welcoming, inclusive, compassionate and caring community of faith; and,

facilitating transformative mission committed prophetically

to bringing Life  to the world through promoting

mercy, justice, forgiveness,

healing, reconciliation, peace and well-being.

Given this,

how does our vision of God’s glory and the Kingdom

invite us to live day by day in order that it might become a reality?

AMEN: Lord, have mercy…


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